Welcome to Sunsacks

In 2005 Sunsacks set out to provide simple solutions to sun safety. Since then we've supplied thousands of creams, sun hats and dispensers to schools from Aberdeen to Exeter.

In 2015 we made some changes to the way that we work. As the years have passed - the majority of our business has become wholesale, whereby Local Authority clients buy in bulk.  However - we still have lots of loyal, single school/user customers and we really don't want to let them down!

We are offering our two best selling products, The Pump Top 1 Litre SPF 30 Suncream and the Classroom Dispenser, via this website. If you wish to order just drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

Caroline Booth - The Sunsacks lady and mum of twins who are now nearly 18!


Some stuff to Remember...

Post & Packing are Included in Price - There are no hidden postage costs and we have held our prices for the last three years.

Ordering & Payment - If you are a school or an existing customer, we will invoice you on delivery. You can pay by cheque or BACS.

To place an order -  Drop us an e-mail or give us a call ( we like talking to customers!)

Caroline Booth - caroline@sunsacks.com
Office : 0161 436 6959    Mobile : 07775 782835

Sunsacks Ltd, PO Box 185, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 3XQ 


Pump Top 1 Litre SPF30 Suncream

  • The best selling 1 litre pump top 
  • High capacity but still portable
  • Ready to go with 1 litre SPF 30 suncream
  • Ideal for trips and sports days

£27.50 inc P&P


Some Product Details

Factor 30 sun screen - nut free formula
Our 1 Litre Pump Tops and dispenser refills contain the same formula sun screen. Click here for the ingredient list.

Classroom Dispensers
Whole-class protection for the sunniest days. Click here for sun screen squirt calculator.




The Classroom Dispenser

£52.00 inc P&P